Cross A Line has consolidated its roots in the luxury space, with an emphasis on creating links between farmers, weavers, Indigo dyeing and block printing traditions. This has resulted in the formation of a brand that has created grounds for ethical and luxury products while ensuring sustainability of local strengths.

All our fabrics are weaved with 0% utilisation of electricity. It’s a complete slow take on product design. We develop Various kinds like denim, handloom denim, Silk denim and hemp denim, kala cotton to name a few.

Cross A Line’s vision to build meaningful / beautiful products by tracing the supply chain story from seed to stitch.

Where CROSS A LINE is made ?

Once our yarns are hand spun in Rajasthan, dyed in Bhuj, woven in Kutch and Dehradun and shipped to New Delhi , India in our studio where Cross A Line pieces are designed and produced ethically in small batches.

We believe in empowering women and train them with required skills. We have a equal team of male and female workers. We have over 250 employees directly and indirectly working for Cross A Line.